Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best Friends

Naps are better with a friend.

New Laser Pointer

My people brought home a new laser pointer toy with multiple shapes to chase!  It's way more fun than the regular laser bug we chase.  Easier to see it too.


I do enjoy any chance I get to take a relaxing cat nap.  I have a new favorite chair to sleep in.  This one is by the TV so I can watch Animal Planet while snoozing.

Pets and belly rubs are always welcome during naps as well!

New Friend

Dispite his craziness, I like little Titus.  When he doesn't try to pounce on my head, I give him a bath.

Titus Comes out to Play

Titus was kept in his own room up until Friday night.  I guarded it as much as I could to make sure he didn't escape.

Friday night Titus was set loose on the house. He wouldn't leave me alone! He is full of so much energy and he wants to play all the time! Crazy kitten.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bathroom Adventures


Since I was supposed to be resting... I found a nice patch of sunlight and took a nap today.


This past Monday I went into the vet and was "fixed"...  My people didn't realize that I had just gone into heat.  Luckily there was no issues medically.  I was worried that they had left me for good though.  Was SUPER happy when they came back to bring me home!

They have been trying to make me stay inactive while I recoperate from surgery.  But I have lots of energy and am still always starving (unlike what they vet told them I would be... she doesn't know that my tummy is a bottomless pit!).

Like I said... STARVING when I got home.  Did I mention I didn't get breakfast before surgery??

I got IVs during surgery, so I have a pretty neat hair cut on my front legs.

Had to clean up after eating.

Then rest!

Now I am all caught up on my shots, spayed, and even microchipped.  Ready to face the world head on!

And we're back!

Sorry for the hiatis on updating.  It's been a busy season.  I will do my best to catch everyone up on what's happened since my last post.

For Christmas I got to dress up (of course!). 

My people brought home another cat.  A kitten.  They have kept him locked apart from me, minus when he has escaped and come out to find me.  Not happy about this whole thing at all.  They want me to play nice and be friends... But this is my turf and I don't share well.

Didn't help that this all happened the day I had to go to the vet...

Here is what the new intruder, Titus, looks like: