Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This past Monday I went into the vet and was "fixed"...  My people didn't realize that I had just gone into heat.  Luckily there was no issues medically.  I was worried that they had left me for good though.  Was SUPER happy when they came back to bring me home!

They have been trying to make me stay inactive while I recoperate from surgery.  But I have lots of energy and am still always starving (unlike what they vet told them I would be... she doesn't know that my tummy is a bottomless pit!).

Like I said... STARVING when I got home.  Did I mention I didn't get breakfast before surgery??

I got IVs during surgery, so I have a pretty neat hair cut on my front legs.

Had to clean up after eating.

Then rest!

Now I am all caught up on my shots, spayed, and even microchipped.  Ready to face the world head on!

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