Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cone Head

I was taken to the vet today with Zucchini.  He got his initial check-up, vaccinations, microchip, tested for Feline Leukemia (came back negative, by the way!), and had his claws trimmed.  Zucchini wasn't very happy about getting blood drawn for the Leukemia test, which got me upset, which in turn made him more upset.  The vet decided it best to use a gas anesthetic to calm him down and knock him out so they could do the what they needed to.  I was happy when they took him out of the room, but I was still very unhappy...  Too make it worse, the vet then took the time to look at my hurt paw.  I didn't really like her poking at it and spreading my toes apart.  Didn't feel good.  THEN she tried to soak my paw in an epsom salt bath... totally not okay.

Anyway, the end result was that Zucchini was mellow and all taken care of.  And I got sent home with antibotics for my paw which has a mostly healed cut on the bottom, and a topical ointment for the cut itself.  Worst part of it all is that the vet gave my mom a cone collar to have me wear while I have the ointment on so I can't lick it off (which I want to cause it doesn't make my toes feel good when she puts it on).

Can't wait for my paw to be all healed so I don't have to wear this horrible cone anymore.

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