Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rules for Cats #1

Rule #1:  Never stifle your inner kitten.  Instead, find ways to explore your creative talents.

  • If your person is working at the computer, run across the keyboard often.  This eliminates the need for a screensaver and provides an outlet for the writer within you.

  • Do not forget that your claws are not only a defensive weapon but also a remarkable decorating device that can perform miracles on humdrum upholstery as well as knit garments.

  • Lace curtains, however delicate, can obstruct an otherwise pleasant view.  To create your own portals, hold the curtain taut with one paw while slashing crosswise with the other paw.  Do not hold back for fear of breaking or damaging something.  Give yourself free reign and never underestimate your person's willingness to clean up, repari or replace whatever you have harmed.
Taken from "The Rules for Cats" by Fancy Mews

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